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Skydiving cost in St. Louis and what is included

Monday, February 17, 2020

Your first skydive will likely be an adventure unlike anything else. Because of this, we recommend tandem skydiving as the best choice for your first time. It just so happens to be our specialty!

The beauty of tandem skydiving is that it does not require first-time skydivers to know much about skydiving – you just get to enjoy the ride! If you’re considering skydiving for the first time, a common question many people have is “What does skydiving cost near me?” Read on to find out the answer.

Woman skydiving near the Missouri Illinois border at Skydive St. Louis

How Much Does Skydiving Cost Near Me?

The cost of skydiving can vary greatly across the U.S. from $160 to $260. Skydive St. Louis offers some of the most competitive prices for tandem skydiving in Missouri and our neighboring state of Illinois. Our combination of affordability and professionalism provides enormous value for any first-time skydivers near St. Louis.

If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, tandem skydiving is the perfect way to make your first skydive! Here at Skydive STL, we specialize in tandem skydiving so you can rest assured you’ll be getting the ultimate skydiving experience when you jump with us!

What Is Included in the Cost of Skydiving?

At Skydive St. Louis, all of the equipment needed for your skydive is included in the cost of your jump. You’ll just need to arrive at the dropzone in comfortable clothing and shoes, a photo ID and we will take care of the rest!

When you arrive and check in with manifest, you’ll receive 15 minutes of classroom instruction which is included in the cost of tossing yourself out of our airplane. Before boarding the aircraft, you’ll meet with your tandem skydiving instructor. All of our tandem instructors are highly experienced and certified by the national organization called, USPA and they will be with you every step of your skydive.

Man tandem skydiving with instructor and smiling near St. Louis Missouri

Are There Any Additional Costs to Skydive for the First Time?

Tandem skydives are the perfect introduction for first-time skydivers, and while it is not unusual for people to do multiple tandem skydives, you’ll only have one first skydive. Because of that, we offer the option to add video and photos at an additional price. This will allow you to relive over and over the moment you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, accelerated to over 120 miles per hour for up to 45 seconds, and took a breathtaking flight under a parachute. This is a moment you’ll want to relive for many years to come.

What Else Do You Need to Know For My First Skydive?

There are a few requirements in order to make your first tandem skydive – you must be 18 years old and weigh less than 260 lbs (although weight is assessed on a case by case basis). If you still need a little encouragement to push you over the edge of our airplane door, it might be helpful to read through our blog post about 5 Things that May Surprise you about Skydiving.

If you’re feeling ready to make your first tandem skydive with us, go ahead and book your spot! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and we can’t wait to go skydiving with you!

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