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4 Helpful Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Skydiving

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

If you’ve thought about skydiving for the first time, you should know that it’s completely normal to feel fearful about it. Fear is the main reason it takes some people a while to decide to take the leap from a perfectly good airplane flying a couple of miles above the earth. To help you overcome your fear of skydiving, we put together the top things we recommend doing before you book your first skydive.

1. Ask friends (or us) about the scariest part

You might be surprised to find out that you know a few people who have been skydiving before. To overcome your fear, we recommend asking them everything you want to know, including what the scariest part was. Many say the scariest part wasn’t actually skydiving, it was the ride up in the airplane because of their nerves and anticipation. Others might mention their fear of heights which can be a very real fear to face. A few may report feeling like they were out of breath/couldn’t breathe but, don’t worry, you can breathe while in freefall

Tandem instructor wearing green mohawk helmet with female student who has her arms crossed and eyes closed.

2. Ask about the best part

While you’re looking into the scariest parts of skydiving for the first time, be sure to find out what people say the best part was as well. We often hear it’s either the freefall or the parachute ride, and every now and then, someone will tell us that exiting the airplane was their top moment. Over and over again, we are told (and we agree!) that skydiving doesn’t feel like falling, it feels like freedom. Does this come as a shock to you? You may just have to do it to understand what everyone means.

3. Choose a reputable dropzone

At Skydive St. Louis, our core values are designed with a primary focus on safety and unmatched customer service. We value safety above all else and we take great pride in our professionalism. We also place strong importance on hiring team members who have great personalities, a serious approach to safety, and who help to promote a positive culture for our staff and guests. In fact, each of our tandem instructors is USPA certified, thoroughly trained, and very experienced. We are committed to creating an unforgettable skydiving experience for every customer because we are passionate about sharing the adventure of skydiving with others.

Instructor about to exit plane with tandem jumper

4. Text a friend and book your spot

Facing your fear of skydiving with a friend or loved one (or even a group of people) makes it a more memorable experience. You’ll share in the nerves as well as the exhilaration and you’ll always have that bond with them. Once you’ve stepped out of the airplane, floated through the sky and landed safely, you’ll feel like you can conquer other challenges in life – and you’ll have a friend who did it with you and can provide encouragement, too! Pro Tip: be sure to get photos and video of your skydiving experience so you and your friends can relive the moment as often as you want.

For more tips on your first time skydiving, check out our tips for first-time skydivers and our comprehensive FAQs. We can’t wait to share our passion for skydiving with you.

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