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Can You Listen to Music While Skydiving

Thursday, April 25, 2024

In the realm of adventure sports, few experiences can match the life-altering impact of skydiving – the rush of the wind, awe-inspiring panoramic views, and ultimate sense of freedom. Just as you would when working out, or partaking in any other physical activity, many first-time skydivers think of enhancing their jump by adding some hype music. While the idea of a personalized soundtrack is enticing, safety always takes precedence.

Can Tandem Students Listen to Music While Skydiving?

Photos of a cute woman with braids in her hair skydiving for the first time at Skydive STL in St Louis

Skydiving isn’t just a recreational activity. It’s a high-speed, adrenaline-fueled adventure that requires your undivided attention and focus. On a tandem skydive, you’ll be an active participant, taking direction from your instructor every step of the way. The decision to listen to music while skydiving isn’t about personal preference – it’s a matter of safety. When skydiving, your senses are fully engaged as you navigate potential hazards and stay alert, paying close attention to other skydivers, guidance from your instructor, your videographer’s cues, and what you’ll need to be doing at that moment.

Listening to music while skydiving can not only become a potentially dangerous distraction, but it can honestly take away from the experience rather than enhance it. As you ascend to altitude in the aircraft, the atmosphere is alive with excitement and anticipation. The rumble of the aircraft’s engines, the chatter of fellow skydivers on the way to altitude, and the palpable energy in the air create an overwhelming sense of awe and connection. 

Once you reach altitude and the door opens, the rush of wind heightens your senses. Then comes the moment of truth – the leap into the big blue yonder. As you fall through the skies at terminal velocity, every fiber of your being is engaged in the indescribable sensation of freefall. As the parachute opens up, everything slows and you’ll enjoy the mind-blowing, pin-drop silence while under canopy. Every sound and sensation helps you stay fully engaged in the moment and are all a part of skydiving’s very own, wonderful symphony. Embrace it all!

Can Experienced Skydivers Listen to Music While Skydiving?

While extremely rare (and not recommended), some licensed skydivers will listen to music while on the plane ride to altitude. Even still, they will turn off the tunes as they prepare to exit the airplane. It’s important for passengers to have their ears ready for instruction from the pilot at any time, especially in the case of an emergency situation. 

Moreover, as skydivers transition from the controlled environment of the aircraft to the freedom of freefall, it becomes especially crucial to be aware of their surroundings. During freefall, maintaining awareness of other jumpers, potential hazards, and keeping an eye on the landing area is essential for executing a successful jump. By staying fully present and engaged, skydivers can navigate the complexities of freefall and landing with confidence and precision. 

Enjoy Listening to Music BEFORE Your Skydive

Eating before skydiving at Skydive St Louis near Chicago

While the skies may not be the stage for your personal concert, there’s still plenty of room for you to enjoy your favorite tunes as you head to Skydive STL! Upbeat tunes are a great way to find inspiration, instilling a sense of confidence – perfect for hyping yourself up for the jump. Energetic tracks can act as your personal cheerleaders, filling you with excitement and getting you super stoked as you approach the dropzone.

On the flip side, if those pre-jump nerves start creeping in, opting for soft/chill tunes can work wonders. Creating a calm atmosphere, helping ease tension, keeping you relaxed and allowing you to mentally prepare for the experience ahead. 

Whether you’re seeking a moment of peace or an adrenaline-activating vibe, you can create a skydiving playlist tailored to meet your needs. With the right line up, you’ll be ready to embrace a new adventure of epic proportions!

Songs for Skydiving

Skydiving Tandem free fall from 10000 feet at Skydive St Louis near Chicago

Picture this: you’re on your way to the dropzone, the anticipation building with each passing mile, you start to feel butterflies in your stomach and your body is finding a way to express your emotions. What better way to amplify everything you’re feeling than by cranking up some tunes that perfectly capture what you’re about to experience!? Here are a few suggested songs for skydiving to kickstart your playlist:

  • Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz
  • Parachute by Chris Stapleton
  • Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty
  • Skyfall by Adele
  • Jump by Van Halen
  • Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw

Not feeling these? No worries! There are plenty of ready-made skydiving playlists on Spotify as well. Ready to experience the sounds of skydiving? Get a front row ticket to your own gravity-defying concert and book your tandem skydive with St. Louis’ closest skydiving center, Skydive STL! Blue skies and good vibes!

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