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5 Things That May Surprise You About Your First Skydive

Monday, December 2, 2019

When people first think about going skydiving they naturally wonder what it will feel like. Anyone who has been skydiving will tell you it is an amazing experience that will change your life and, while exciting, can also be nerve-racking…I mean you are jumping out of a plane, after all! To help calm some of those first-time skydive fears and jitters, here are 5 Things That May Surprise You About Your First Skydive.

Tandem Skydiving over St. Louis, MO at Skydive STL

1. Skydivers Aren’t All Reckless Adrenaline Junkies

Contrary to popular belief, skydivers aren’t all out-of their-minds adrenaline junkies who are careless with their lives. Skydiving draws a wide range of people from young college students to businessmen and women looking for a new adventure. At legitimate dropzones, you will find all sorts of people, from marketing directors, musicians, brewers, artists, accountants, you name it — skydiving doesn’t discriminate and the activity attracts a wide range of people. Most importantly, no matter where these individuals are from or what they do, each and every one of them knows that skydiving is a serious sport and safety is always the first priority when you enter the dropzone – you’re not alone in wondering “how safe is skydiving,” but our professional instructors and staff will put your mind at ease. And the second priority? Well, that’s to have an absolute blast.

2. Skydiving Centers (Dropzones) Are Top-Notch Operations

Remember when you thought all skydivers were reckless adrenaline junkies? Well, since we’ve already debunked that misconception, let’s address another. In your head, you might be comparing a skydiving center to one of those extreme sports setups they have at carnivals and theme parks. You know, the ones that are way overpriced, have a super short line and make you sweat with nerves when you see someone go up, down, or around. Well, good news — Skydive St. Louis is nothing like that. Our life revolves around skydiving and because of this, we take what we do extremely seriously. Skydive STL is a welcoming full-service skydiving facility and training center

Woman smiling and laughing while tandem skydiving at Skydive STL

3. Words Can’t Explain What the Skydiving Experience Feels Like

Truthfully, words can’t explain the thrill of skydiving because it is that unique. You may think you have a good idea of what free-falling feels like, but trust us when we say the real thing is like nothing you’ve ever experienced in your life. It is that spectacular. In fact, for many people it’s life-changing! Skydiving is an exhilarating experience that consumes your body and your mind with pure bliss as you soar through the sky at terminal velocity. And to really understand what it’s like, you’ve just got to experience it for yourself. And once you do, you’ll be eager to book your next jump! 

4. You Will Not Be Petrified During Your Jump

We’re guessing that the thing that’s holding you back trying skydiving sooner was fear? For sure, the experience is out of the ordinary and, quite frankly, it’s not for everybody. But the fact that you are reading this article tells us you aren’t like most people. You are one of the adventurous people – and we love those people here at Skydive St. Louis.

Of course, it’s normal to be nervous – and maybe a little scared – heading into your first tandem jump. Again, you are jumping out of an airplane. It would be strange if you weren’t feeling a little anxious. But trust us when we say that once you are free-falling through the sky, all of your fear will be replaced with amazement and wonder.

Woman skydiving tandem at high altitude at Skydive St. Louis

5. How It Amazing It Makes You Feel

Well, maybe this is not such a surprise. We’ve mentioned how life-altering the experience can be, and well, that was no joke. You will be delirious with happiness as you fall through the sky without a care in the world. It’s a truly euphoric, ecstatic experience that runs throughout your entire body and soul for hours after your first jump. And that adrenaline rush from your first jump will leave you wanting more. Trust us.

Curious to know more? Learn more about our values or meet the team at Skydive STL! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and we can’t wait to go skydiving with you!

If you’re ready to go, book a skydive now!

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