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Love is in the air

Monday, July 20, 2020

Julia gazes up lovingly at her new husband moments after landing from their first ever skydive!

Julia and Peter had long awaited the celebration of their nuptials with a traditional wedding ceremony followed by a reception of over 300 friends and family. However, like many other engaged couples, their big plans were derailed by the current pandemic. Julia and Peter felt like they had waited long enough already and they were “just ready to be married”. So Julia took the reins and decided to surprise her unwitting fiance with a not so traditional, but very exciting Skydive Wedding!! We were so lucky to be part of this day and help them pull off her wild plan!

Julia called us up a few weeks prior and told us of her grandiose idea to marry her then fiance while incorporating their first skydive. While Peter had always wanted to skydive, Julia had never really been interested, but wanted to gift this experience to her fiance as one last leap of faith into their relationship. After getting a few members of their wedding party on board they needed an officiant. A long time friend who was originally a groomsmen volunteered to become an ordained minister online so he could marry the two after completing their skydive.

The couple showed up with family and friends in tow, all eager and a bit nervous for their skydiving experience. While everyone got checked in and completed their training they joked and laughed about how this day had come about. Peter was visibly excited and shocked by his fiancee’s plan! Julia on the other hand was slightly nervous, but obviously comforted by the presence of Peter and knowing that after her skydive she would finally get to marry the love of her life.

Julia, Peter, and their wedding party watching the training video to prepare for their skydive.

After their officiant and wedding party completed their skydives, it was finally time for Julia and Peter to take the plunge! Julia donned a lace jumper, white sparkly tennis shoes, the rhinestone belt from her wedding gown, and a veil; Peter, in a tuxedo t-shirt to complete the image. The two stood side by side getting harnessed up, while Julia joked with Peter “I’m literally falling for you!”

While Julia and Peter were in the plane climbing to 10,000 ft their friends and family gathered in the landing area around the “isle” and set up a beautiful alter complete with a lantern, flowers, and wedding cake. They anxiously awaited their arrival, watching them in free-fall from the ground and glide under parachute to the ground. Julia and Peter’s skydiving instructors then landed their parachutes by flying them down the isle and landing them in front of their officiant.

After landing safely, Julia and Peter’s wedding commenced with all the trappings of a traditional wedding ceremony. They exchanged vows, rings, and first kiss while their family looked on with love and excitement! Finally, Julia and Peter were able to celebrate their marriage, cutting cake (Julia playfully smashing it into Peter’s face), and popping champagne with the wedding party! We could not be more happy for Julia and Peter and we are so beyond grateful they chose us to be part of their incredible day. CONGRATULATIONS Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Julia!!!!!!!

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