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Terrence’s Bucket List

Monday, July 27, 2020

The incredible thing about skydiving is that no matter your background, somehow skydiving ends up on your bucket list. By far, our favorite thing about working at Skydive St. Louis is the chance we get to interact with incredible people. We have this amazing opportunity to bring together people from all walks of life for the thrill of a lifetime. Moreover, we love having the privilege of sharing those stories with you!

Many of you were taken with Terrence and his recent skydive! So, we wanted to share more about how Terrence ended up skydiving with us, what his experience was like, and why we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him and Nadia!

Terrence and Nadia about to board the plane for their beautiful sunset skydive!

How Terrence ended up skydiving with us…

Terrence’s friend Nadia wanted to skydive for her birthday and asked him to join. Nadia said he was, in her words, ” the only person she knew who was crazy enough to go with her.” Skydiving had been on Terrence’s bucket list since he became paraplegic. So, he “jumped” at the opportunity to join his friend. He connected with us a few weeks ago, and inquired about his ability to go skydiving as a paraplegic. Terrence had reached out to a few other skydiving centers who were not willing to accommodate him. When we told him we absolutely had a technique for completing a safe skydive with him, he was excited!

On the day of their skydive Terrence and Nadia participated in the usual training each tandem student complete’s. Lee, Terrence’s instructor, then explained in depth what procedures they would implement to make his skydive safe and comfortable, particularly his landing. Terrence felt no hesitation, he was fully on board and ready to check this item off his bucket list.

Terrence seconds before exiting the aircraft, ready for his skydive!

Terrence’s Skydive

Terrence and Nadia boarded the plane! Terrence was sitting up front, just inside the open door, Nadia in the back. On the short flight up to altitude Terrence was all smiles. As he says, “I don’t like holding back on the inevitable, I was just ready to skydive!” Once they had reached the halfway point, 5,000 feet, Lee asked Terrence if he was at least halfway ready. Terrence just replied, “I’m ready, let’s do it!” Then, a few short minutes later, it was finally time for his skydive!

That brief moment in the door before free-fall!!!!

Lee assisted Terrence in swinging his legs out the door of the plane. Terrence took one more deep breath, and they were out! Immediately after exiting the plane Terrence knew he was safe. Then, he was overcome with excitement, smiling from ear to ear. Terrence just took in the incredible view of the sunset with experiencing the rush of free-fall for the next 45 seconds.

Terrence smiling immediately after leaving the plane!

Terrence’s parachute ride and landing…

After the free-fall portion of his skydive was complete, Terrence enjoyed a 6 minute scenic parachute ride back down. Lee and Terrence chatted exuberantly about his skydive. Then Terrence told Lee, “That was the best rush in the world!” Lee then let Terrence take control of the parachute so he could fly around. At which point Terrence exclaimed “There is nothing like taking control of your own life.”

Finally, it was time to land. Lee instructed Terrence when he needed to pick up his legs. Terrence grabbed his legs for a few brief seconds and they coasted in for a soft landing. For a few more moments Terrence soaked up the excitement of his skydive. “Man that was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life,” he said with a smile.

Terrence flying his own parachute, “take control of his own life”!
We know this feeling all to well ;)

Terrence we think you are an absolute inspiration! We commend your courage and your commitment to living life to it’s fullest. We love meeting people like you. You remind us that anything in life is possible if you are just creative. We know your story and spirit will inspire others to take the same leap of faith! Thank you so much for trusting us with your skydive. And thank you so much more for sharing a bit of your story with us! Watch Terrence’s full skydive here and find out at the end what else is on his bucket list! Believe it or not, skydiving is not the craziest thing on it ;)

Terrence was all smiles after landing!

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