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Joleen’s Skydive

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Watch Joleen’s full experience skydiving as a quadriplegic, and find out whether or not her mom was right about her being scared when the door of the plane first opened!

Meet Joleen! She is the incredible woman we had the pleasure of taking for a skydive recently! Joleen called us a few weeks back, explaining her physical condition. She was inquiring as to whether or not she could make a skydive safely as a quadriplegic double amputee. Then Joleen disclosed to us that she had already called multiple skydiving locations. She explained the people she contacted did not spend much time speaking with her, or trying to work with her. We, however, were taken aback by her determination and fervor, so we wanted to put the same effort into helping her skydive as she had put into attaining this goal!

Joleen moments before exiting the aircraft for her first skydive!

After working closely with our Safety and Training Advisor, our team managed to devise a safe and secure plan for Joleen to complete and tandem skydive. Once suited up, we knew we were in for a great experience! Joleen showed absolutely no signs of fear or trepidation.

Joleen was ready for the thrill of a lifetime!

Joleen’s skydiving instructor Lee said she showed absolutely no fear, she was not nervous, she was just ready for her moment! In the plane on the ride up to altitude, he was surprised by how calm she was. Joleen was all smiles and when the door opened she nodded excitedly and said “Let’s do this!”

Freefalling at 120mph for 5,000 feet!

After freefalling at speeds up to 120 mph for 5,000 feet, Joleen’s parachute opened, slowing her down to a calm 10 mph decent. She couldn’t believe how beautiful St. Louis was from 5,000 feet above the ground, and immediately knew… she wanted to do it again! When Lee asked her what she thought of freefall, without hesitation she said, “I love it! Oh my gosh, yes!”

Enjoying her view from 5,000 feet above the ground on a peaceful parachute ride!

Joleen showed us all what courage was this week! She was absolutely fearless and determined to make a skydive! Thank you Joleen for trusting us with this responsibility and for reminding us all that life has no limits so long as you are willing to be creative!

Joleen and her family, all smiles after her safe landing!

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